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Committed to Truly Sustainable Diamonds

Traditional Diamond Mining Process

Did you know that 250 tons of ore is mined for each carat of diamond?

After it has been mined, the diamond are sold to the site holder, who in turn sells it to the wholesaler.

Diamonds are then cut and sold to the store who sells it to the consumer.

Diamonds can change hands more then 6 times before reaching the end-consumer.

Our Sustainable Diamond Sourcing Process

We firmly believe in the moral, ethical, and environmental benefits of re-cutting diamonds.

To us, there is simply no better way to create a sustainable, intelligent ecosystem of supply within the jewelry industry.

Our hard-earned network of suppliers include private wealth managers, antique stores, second-hand dealers and private sellers of estate jewelry.

Recut diamonds and certification is handled in North America.

Keeping a minimal carbon footprint is part of our mission of sustainability and our diamonds receive no large-scale industrial manufacturing.

We Buy

  • Diamonds – all shapes, sizes and quantities
  • Fine designer and estate jewelry
  • Gemstones – new, old, small, large, or broken


We price parcels and pieces individually. You only sell what you feel is a fair price.

We Sell

  • Certified AGS000 cut single stone diamonds
  • Diamond and Gemstone melee
  • Single Stone Diamonds and Gemstones

All items bought are individually evaluated to determine its intended market.

Our curated inventory for retailers consist of items  cut to AGS000 (and to a lesser extent GIA XXX) standard.


Our Vertically Integrated, Sustainable Process

Through relationship, we enforce a new sustainable diamond and gemstone pipeline that not only promotes sustainability but preserves exceptional quality

We source sustainable diamonds
We cut the best diamonds to ideal standard
We distribute diamonds internationally
We custom design jewelry
We retail jewelry
We invest in the future of the industry
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Our Vertical Integration Partners

As part of our commitment to maintaining consumer confidence in the diamond industry, the Rothschild Trading Company fully complies with Kimberley Process certification Scheme

We adhere to the principles of the “World Diamond Council Resolution on Industry Self-Regulation.”