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Timeless Elegance

Ethically Sourced Natural Diamonds and Gemstones

Rothschild Signature Diamonds are aimed at optimal light performance. As a result, our diamonds are bigger, bolder and brighter.

Our focus is on ethically sourced diamonds that maintain the highest standards of cut, clarity, carat, and color.

We expertly re-cut exceptional stones to ideal proportions, amplifying their inherent brilliance and sparkle.

By reclaiming and re-imagining these rare gems, we provide jewelers with a sustainable and responsible option to offer their clients.

Consequently, our commitment to ethical practices and timeless beauty ensures that each diamond we provide reflects both quality and integrity.

We buy ethically sourced,
natural diamonds

As an expert in the jewelry industry, you understand the unique qualities of diamonds mined in earlier times.

These exceptional stones, sourced from higher-grade ore bodies using selective and more destructive mining techniques, are noted for their luster, optical purity, and crystal integrity.

Many of these high-quality diamonds are found in older jewelry pieces, but often have a less than ideal cut. Yet, a trained eye can spot the exceptional radiance the lurks below the surface.

These are the diamonds we buy.

We re-cut to ideal diamond cut standards

By ethically sourcing these natural diamonds, we make these rare gems available once more. 

Utilizing advanced technology, we expertly re-cut these stones to ideal proportions, accentuating their natural beauty and showcasing their brilliance.

Through our process, we increase inherent value.

We wholesale loose diamonds and gemstones

Our experts continuously source diamonds and gemstones of superior material quality. Subsequently, we are able to consistently offer a substantial quantity of ideal cut, quality diamonds, back to the market.

Our commitment to ethical practices and sustainability means you can offer your clients exceptional diamonds while supporting responsible sourcing.

Experts agree that these diamonds reflect both timeless beauty and modern ethical standards.

Diamonds Cut for Optimal Light Performance

AGS 000 and Heart and Arrows
are assumed when buying a
Rothschild Signature Diamond

Committed to a Truly Sustainable Process